Hello there!

angry bby - chimeraditto
oh my gosh
Thank you so muucch
Coal is an angry baby

 he looks cute but angry at the same time,


angry bby - chimeraditto



oh my gosh

Thank you so muucch

Coal is an angry baby

 he looks cute but angry at the same time,



ayyy we cool sanguine-temperament butts

y’all so sweet and nice ahh!~ <3

The four humors! My humor is..

Take the test here! its short o:

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You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player etc and write down the first ten songs, then pass this on to ten people. One rule: no skipping.

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1. Something I need - OneRepublic

2. Birdy - Skinny Love (Fareoh Remix)

3. Chandelier by Sia

4. Tokyo Ghoul Opening

5. Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men

6. Young and Beautiful by Lana del rey

7. Porter Robinson - Sad Machine

8. Plus Boy - 96neko

9. My Love by Kuba Oms

ayyy its thundering hard outside!
Hmm I tag the oiseau birdy, megafroakiez annnnd noah-lives!

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The Questions

1. If you could have one power or ability, what would it be? 

Shapeshifting >:D

2. Do you have a favourite movie or book? What is it?

Book: Dead Connection by Charlie Price  0:

And I grew fond of the movie Summer Wars !

3. What is your favourite season or time of the year?


4. Do you watch youtube a lot?

Nnnot really watch it..More like- i have music playlists there! and inspirational videos too that i watch whenever i want or show to other ppl cause damn animation is awesome

5. Do you like your family?

I wouldnt wish for them to have been anyone else.

6. Say that the apocalypse happened, and now there is zombies everywhere. Who would you choose to be in your group?

The most awesome and strong and the BOSS of all of the other zombies. Im his queen he loves me for some weird reason so he protects me. YEAH.

7. Do you enjoy drawing/writing?

Both, actually, yes! i really really do - even tho im not quite good in writing.. And im still practicing drawing (wich is the one i like the most!)

8. Do others ever annoy you when they tell you things (like dreams or things that happened to them)?

Not really. Unless it becomes REALLY repetitive.
Like them not getting really along with their friends but then yes and then No? That annoys me, i guess? Why would they even stay with people that are Not really their friends and are just negative energy all around them? No! Stop that >:U

9. What is your favourite band or song?

10. Do you like your name? If not, what would you change it ?

I like it. Both of them <:

11. Do you like cities or the countryside?

Im too into comfort to like countryside. Give me good Wi-fi, air conditioner, and a comfortable place i want that. 

Is it bad that i like to be tagged but not to tag? I dont like to bother people ;v; so i’d rather just leavve it out in the open..and if you decide to do it..tag me so i can see you replying to 

My questions!

* Thank you for wanting to do these! So nice of you, so kind uvu

  1. Do you like my blog? (chimeraditto) / me?
  2.  Have you gone to the bathroom today?
  3.  Drank water?
  4.  streatched?
  5.  Be sure to take care of yourself! Have you thought of how far you’ve come? it’s so lovely! Cheers!
  6. Are you listening to a good song? mind sharing it?
  7. What kinda movies do you like? 
  8. How’s your day going? tell me, i’ll listen!
  9. What’s your favourite kind of weather?
  10. What are your favourite kind of clothes?
  11. What’s your favourite animal?
  12. What colors do you like?

I cheated! 12 questions! ;D

I’ll be happy to check on anyone’s post that decides to reply to these <:


who wants to finish this for me

come on you know you wanna

'cosYou knew i wanted


My pressure dropped
I was dizzy 
And wanted to go home

But after a small rollercoaster my little sister dragged me to

I felt way better
Had more fun

I got sunburnt

But that’s part of the fun package 

It was okay in the end

Monday -Nearly 1 am

I moved out since Thursday. My parents came here to stay with me from Thursday to Sunday’s afternoon.
Unpacked everything on Saturday

My parents left yesterday’s afternoon.

I couldnt help but cry alittle even tho i tried not to.

Today school starts and i havent gone to sleep.

I’ll live here for a few years now
And it all still feels so unreal.

On other news. Im back!

I’ll see if i can start stuff back up 

Did any of you miss me?

Im moving out now!

From Vallarta to Guadalajara.
I’ll speak with you all later!~

Agosto 26

"Paradise is where i&#8217;m at"

Agosto 26

"Paradise is where i’m at"